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Sirene - The Burden of Fantasy.

Women carry the burden of being real and fantasy at the same time. Nothing captures this like the mermaid or sirene, The bowl reminds us that they are half the population of our earth but unrepresented as such in power spheres. I introduced some tiny gel eggs in the bowl to signify fertility.

Memories of Seville - The Rapture of Dance

I love the colorful and vibrant energy of the flamenco, and the inspiration for this piece was a memorable trip to Seville.

Breaking Free - Escaping the Rulebook


Stepping out of social norms that keep women trapped. The gray hands represent forces pulling women back, and the open hand represents those longing to be freed from the gilded pages. One of my pivot pieces in my exhibition to mark International Women's Day.

Les Femmes des Reves - Pg 2

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